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I suppose that Charms of a Dandizette is here for the exact same reason that I love to write, that I love fashion and have subsequently found a love for social media and the digital state of mind. I have an incessant desire to keep up with life and change and a relentless need for self expression. The blogosphere is a heaven for anyone with such a combination of personal traits. It has worked wonders for the fashion industry and fashion lovers. Social Media and Fashion are in a constant dance of kiss chase. Constantly trying to catch up and over take, but when that very short moment in time arrives, when fashion and it’s media finally meet, they marry perfectly and then of course, the kiss chase begins again.

This is the dance of life, of evolution of fashion, trends and society. We’re all trying to keep up, to grasp what’s thrown our way, to channel new information, to be creative, innovative and intelligent…but there’s more information, more trends, more places to store everything, more ways to share it and less time to access it, to understand it, to truly process it and possess it. I suppose Charms of a Dandizette is my way of storing as much that I can grasp that has once taken residence in my mind. All the films, quotes, dialogues, adverts, fashion moments, trends, creative journeys and pinnacle moments that have inspired me at some point or other. This blog acts as my diary of inspiration for the novel that I continue to feel guilty about because I never seem to find enough time to write it. It’s my escape from the rat race, my ownership of my career, my place for self expression and my way of taking possession.

Online Content Professional

I’m an Online Content professional; writing blogs, managing content, social media, digital campaigns and ultimately, working with online communication strategies is what I do on a daily basis. I have a Masters in Fashion and Lifestyle Journalism and a BA Honors Degree in English and Creative Writing. I use my website, Charms of a Dandizette, as a means to continue to build on and exercise my knowledge and appreciation for fashion, even though I no longer study it. It allows me to oil my journalism skills, so that one day should the opportunity present itself I am not completely rusty and should it never, it’s a skill I haven’t lost. This blog is my platform for creativity, my instrument that allows me to practice and develop my digital marketing skills and my device that allows me to promote myself as a blogger, a fashion enthusiast and above all a writer.

Let this website point you in the direction of:

  • Digital content I have written professionally
  • My print magazine Platform
  • My short and full length plays
  • My anthology of print journalism

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Plays Written by Ayesha Charles

Whilst at University I found a talent  for writing dialogue and explored this by writing a number of plays and short films…


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A play written by Ayesha Charles

Click is a play which features three aspiring young adults in today’s fast paced, internet charged world. The play bases itself around the development of new technologies and the growing dependence upon such technologies, particularly the internet.

The play aims to question the advances of the internet; it reveals the positives and negatives of having access to the ‘world-wide-web’ from a computer in a bedroom or an office. The play uses contemporary motifs such as Blackberry’s, Myspace and Oyster cards to tell a tale entangled with the web, love, deceit and betrayal.


A short play written by Ayesha Charles

Tao is a play about a man who seizes the opportunity to take home a stripper he’s been fantasising and dreaming about for some time. J predicts a fun filled filthy night of hot sex and easy ‘get in to bed’ conversation, however he realizes he’s bitten off more than he can chew as he struggles in a silent power battle of the sexes with the young, beautiful and strong stripper, Tao.

Come Sit With Us 

A Full Length Play written by Ayesha Charles

‘Are you in an unfortunate situation, has life dealt you a bad hand, has the unexpected occurred, are you sociable, inspirational or inspirable? If you are any of these, please…COME SIT WITH US.’

Come Sit With Us is a place where a group of very different people come together to share their lives, dreams and struggles, escaping from London and retreating to this tiny centre, which solely offers the ability to share ones existence.

Read Come Sit With Us 

Jo; an optimist trying to build her happiness, reunite with her estranged mother and find a place in a world where she fights against the silent belief that she doesn’t belong.

Carmen; an  escort, who initially appears to be the strongest and most clued up member of the group, but would appear to be running from the confines of her country and the reins of a man operating too much control over her life.

Armani/Zara; A young woman who doesn’t say much and hides herself beneath weaves,  blue contact lenses and materials. She’s treated badly by the men in her life – this could ultimately be the result of her exterior and the crime we find out she has committed at the end of the play.

Dean -The protagonist; A young man who seems to have the world on his shoulders and still manages to take on more. The superglue of his family, the voice of reason for the group, a deep thinker with a bruised soul that, regardless of his hard life and tough exterior, continues to be a dreamer. Although Dean hasn’t figured out how to break free from his ghetto, or understood what his dreams are, he has a belief that he deserves better. He’s waiting for a quiet moment in his chaotic life where he can take the time to figure it all out.


The wind can only blow those that are light enough to float…

A short film written by Ayesha Charles

Feathers is a short film that explores the condition of life, love and art. The characters find themselves battling between their desire for strength and imperviousness paradoxically against their state of imagination and creation. This is the broken love triangle between a dancer, a publicist and an aspiring film director. An optimist, an escapist and a realist they all may be at one point, but through the cause and effect of one’s impact on the other they never seem to be in the same state of mind at the same time.



Print Journalism

As part of my Masters I created a one off print Fashion and Lifestyle magazine which I self-published after graduating.

Creating and producing the magazine involved deciding the magazine’s audience, the economic make up of the magazine, the timeliness of the content, the design of the magazine and its originality. I sourced and created the entire content, which included Catwalk Reports, Opinion Pieces, Profile Pieces and Interviews.

I recruited my own creative team, which consisted of illustrators, photographers and designers, liased with interviewees, press offices and printers and resumed the role as editor and creative director. I believe the magazine to be a great demonstration of my journalism and editorial skills, my ability to produce vast amounts of content, my capability to manage creative projects and a sound showcase of my overall creativity and creative acumen.

Read Platform magazine


DSquared Catwalk Report
A nostalgic look at Fashion Illustration
Interview with Sicilian author Ottavio Cappellan
















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