The power of fashion and dress is undeniably a vigorous one – it’s a wonder how something so undeniably forceful can be considered purely as superficial, particularly when it has the muscle to influence and define, conceal or reveal social groups and social perception.

 The 1960s saw the surge of the afro amongst black people, the rush derived from America during the African-American Civil Rights Act and The Black is Beautiful Movement. Black American’s fought for racial equality and rejected conformity to European standards of beauty, which influenced both black men and women to relax or hot comb their hair till it appeared as straight as possible, imitating their very own oppressor. The afro was indeed a political fashion symbol which articulated the black American’s pride in their African American identity and empowered them at a crucial moment in American History. This is an example of fashion demonstrating it’s ability to justify itself as an important social and cultural component. For this element, it actually makes me feel proud that I love it so dearly.


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