Fashion has the ability to break down or build up barriers, communicate social class, status and taste – if we discussed our social class or our own fancied position in society, no doubt this would be considered tawdry and uncomfortable for the listener, so we rely on fashion to do the talking for us. But sometimes this can be just as crass.

Ashamedly I hung around Somerset House during London Fashion Week, I say ashamedly as I had no admittance to any shows and literally loitered about the outskirts…sucking up the culture? I wasn’t quite sure what I had expected, but most certainly did not predict the bad taste in my mouth that became apparent moments after arriving.  I am not sure whether it was the men who came attired in outfits that looked like they belong in a costume shop or a circus ring that irritated me or their deafening cries for attention. I had put it down to the fact that they just looked completely and utterly ridiculous, regardless of their purpose for dressing in such a way. But the whole thing worsened when the fashion show ended, the doors opened and the spectators began to exit, it was like a sea of pretentiousness flooding Covent Garden. They lingered around the pathway anticipating having their photo taken and then began acting coy when a camera pointed in their direction. If I had a sick bucket, I most certainly would have been. I left the courtyard of Somerset House that day feeling somewhat stirred by the whole thing. It reminded me of a feeling I had when I was somewhat younger, queuing to get into Funky Buddha with some friends and being refused entry because two of the guys from the group had slits in their eyebrows, I have no doubt them being two black non celebrity males didn’t help either. As we vacated the queue and walked passed those waiting admission I was without a doubt angry, my ego had definitely taken a knocking and I was embarrassed. It’s paradoxical, of course I wanted to get into the club, I’ve enjoyed myself there before and knew I would have a great time, but on the other hand the fact that I wanted to be part of something so unbelievably superficial makes me cringe beyond belief.

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  • Sophie Marriott

    I totally agree, I love your article, its such a breath of fresh to read about the other side of fashion, not the glamorous one but the self absorbed bit, the bit that to be honest makes the ‘normal’ people feel inadequate. Because when fashion becomes that self obsessive it’s just ugly. That day I wore vintage and to my standards I thought I was being daring, following fashion and all that stuff so would fit in… o how wrong I was… wow…I felt totally under dressed. It was like being at a circus full of amazing creatures from outer space since not one of them looked like they were from this one. But I suppose each to their own…. Whatever floats your boat I say. I just wish the understated, normal clothes look was in fashion.. then we would all be in fashion, just a A bit of wishful thinking…

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