“For example, those nurses, they’re wearing next season Calvin Klein and so am I. And the shoes? Custom Giuseppe Zanotti. I tipped their gauze hats to the side like Parisian berets because I think it’s romantic and I also believe that mint will be very big in fashion next spring.”

Lady Gaga’s official music video hit YouTube on the 2nd of December 2011 and as it stands today, has accumulated a colossal 15, 562, 509 viewers. The thirteen minute long self directed music film,  in typical Lady Gaga manner, is a feast of creativity – the mental institution scenes appearing to have taken inspiration from the 1999 film, Girl Interrupted, starring Angelina Jolie and Winona Ryder.  

For those who are particularly enthused by Lady Gaga for her unique and odd-ball fashion choices, this film is brimming with fashion references and visuals that make Lady Gaga’s aesthetic choices a combination of design that is interesting to look at, fused with a sharp fashion knowledge and a desire to be alternative. 

Naturally we expect Gaga to sport household designers such as Chanel, Calvin Klein, Giuseppe Zanotti and Christian Louboutin. The denim ensemble she wears, claiming to have ‘wreaked havoc on an old pair of jeans with her BeDazzler’, is a custom made Versace ensemble. But her fashion savoire-faire is demonstrated in  a chic ivory jacket with contrast black trim and emphasised shoulders taken from Moschino‘s spring summer 1993 collection.  The plaform, heel-less shoes and the black sculpted crop top and short suit, which she wears with thigh high Christian Louboutin boots, demonstrates Lady Gaga’s abilty to go to extra lengths for individual style and design. The heel-less sparkly silver platform shoe and the eccentric ballet pointe shoe she wears whilst dancing on the ballet bar are designed by Noritaka Tatehana. The cripling shoes have seen Gaga papped tumbling to the floor. The sculpted crop top and shorts ensemble is designed by visual artist Leeroy New, famed for designing the sculpted muscle dress.   

“Even though the fashion’s important, for the first time, it didn’t dictate every single moment,” Gaga told MTV USA, “the aesthetic was more driven by the emotion of the song and the feeling of New York City. It was more cinema, art-house inspired.”


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