We’re all very accustomed to seeing the Made In Italy tag on an item of clothing as a seal of quality, or at least we were before Primark. But how about receiving a pair of shoes Made in Italy, made especially for you?

Unfortunately I am not lucky enough to share with you how this might feel. Rihanna, on the other hand, can tell you exactly how this feels – in fact she did, via twitter to all of her 15,666, 319 followers. And no, the R on the sole of the shoe does not stand for ‘Right Shoe’.

Miuccia Prada, or at least the fashion houses’ communication department, sent Rihanna her very own personalised pair of Prada‘s spring summer 2012’s Red Hot Flame heels. I suppose the shoes are particularly appropriate for the hottest artist on the globe right now. And no doubt, now that Rihanna has tweeted, and tweeters have retweeted and bloggers have blogged, these shoes will be just as hot off the shelves as their name!

It’s all about Rhi-rhi!

But can I have a pair please?

Rihanna's Red Hot Flame Heels

Prada Red Hot Flame Heels Made for Rihanna

Prada Red Hot Flame Heels Made for Rihanna

Prada Red Hot Flame Heels

Be charmed, stay inspired! x


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