Inspired by: The Hummingbird Bakery

Childhood Cafe

written by Ayesha Charles

Recession and depression has fuelled my regression,

back to a time when in life, all was fine,

I played with Barbie dolls and fluffy haired trolls,

and the highlight of my week was the bags of penny sweets,

Baking with my mum was priceless and fun,

Eating cakes and pastries until I felt sugar high and hazy,

Life grew older with me caught in its tide,

And washed me up somewhere where something has died,

Youth and naivety,

behind me, in the distance, I sadly miss,

Wisdom and pride fight to make my life stiff,

The future fills me with impending anxiety,

And a longing for my childhood spirit and vitality,

So I sneak to the Hummingbird Cafe,

When I’m in need of comfort and off diet day,

Cupcakes with treats and all things sweet,

sprinkles and trinkets to make my cake twinkle,

love and passion has turned my little bake into a fashion,

My place in the storm, with cupcakes so stylish,

Makes me feel, for that moment, pleasantly childish.

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