Kris Jenner in the Hollywood Reporter

It seems that it wasn’t enough for Kris Jenner to be the subject of chat show billionaire Oprah’s Next Chapter, now she’s after her job. Kris Jenner is going to be hosting her very own chat show! I am not sure what the general consensus is on Kris, but I am guessing she might not be considered the best of wives -mainly due to the way she treats Bruce and of course her affair(s?). She might not be considered the best of mothers either, mainly due to the fact that has so openly claimed that Kim Kardashian is her favourite daughter and has kind of possibly exploited her children and she might be considered vain and occasionally dress too young for her age, but one thing that cannot be denied is, she does have personality!  I am going to sit on the fence on this one and try not to make any hasty judgements, but I think we might all be pleasantly surprised! 


Don’t you just love those pink Valentino shoes?

Read Kris’s article in the Hollywood Reporter

Be charmed, stay inspired! x

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