A year after its release, I have found, have become completely charmed and inspired by and will now treasure Laura Welsh’s song ‘Cold Front’ and its visually stunning video for these reasons…


Last night, in bed, willing the hours, minutes, seconds of a Sunday night not to pass too quickly and for Monday to stay as far off in the distance as possible I stumbled upon something that moved me.

I was watching Season 2 of ABC’s Mistresses, my new guilty pleasure that I  have been watching the evenings I spend home. Admittedly, Mistresses is more engaging than profound, more escapism than thought provoking, but it’s addictive and it’s all about women, sex and relationships – so therefore I kind of like it for whine down time.

In the getting to know each other phase of a hot heterosexual couple, possibly the most heated of scenes in Mistresses thus far, this song (unknown to me at this point) starts playing. The man, an artist, with a body so perfect it’s a work of art. The woman, April, who has agreed to make art with him, to be his subject, his object, his canvass and his paint brush. I am aware I sound a little Fifty Shades of Grey – ish here.

As red paint is dipped, poured and traced across bodies, the most haunting song filters in and the hairs on my arms lift and I am completely taken in by this scene playing out on my screen. The moment the song fades out and the scene cross fades to the next I am skipping back to replay, to re-watch and re-listen. And I do this again and again, the lyrics at the beginning of the scene  filter in ‘Don’t want to think about it, don’t want a picture of it, we’ve travelled enough…’

At this point I am inspired, excited, proud that the writers, music editors, creators of Mistresses have managed to create a scene that has completely and utterly moved me, ignited me. As I watch and replay I frantically type the lyrics of the song into my laptop, determined not to lose this song and so desperate to hear it in its entirety.

And I am glad I am in possession and can listen to this song when I find what I learn to be Cold Front by Laura Welsh on YouTube. But it’s when I hit play and begin to watch the video that I realise I have found something special. I am stunned. The video is a visual masterpiece, featuring possibly one of the most spectacular, intricate and creative pieces of contemporary dance I have ever seen – ever, let alone in a music video. Taking me back to my days of BRIT school when I was a full time dance student, spending my days dancing eight hours and constantly being inspired, expressive and without a single care in the world, because I was doing exactly what I loved to do – what I thought I was born to do – I was reminiscent, longing for those yesteryears that could never be relived.

I watched the video another two or three times, sat in my bed, mesmerised – not knowing whether I should pick up a pen and start writing or just continue to appreciate the moment. The movement of the dancer, the strength of her body, her flexibility and the chilling interpretation of the music drew me deeper within. Blown away by the concept of the video and its complexity,  the manipulation of the dancer’s body controlled by shadows all accompanying a song that instantly I found haunting and provoking in the most welcomed way.

I was in need of something inspiring, something to pull me out deeper than the shallow waters that I have been wading – deeper than the Deep House I spend my days listening to to avoid conscious lyrics that antagonise me and more gratifying than after work drinks that I convince myself I deserve and the reason why my novel is still very much incomplete.

I found myself, gratefully, totally overwhelmed by how creative and talented we as human beings can be, overwhelmed by the power  our creativity can possess and anxious that I may never reach my full potential. I gave up on dance, but hopefully this moment, this song, this video and this blog will inspire me keep on writing and remind of the depths of the pleasure I gain from the things that move me in comparison to those that distract me.

Be Charmed, Stay Inspired! x

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