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Digital Content Created by Ayesha Amato

  Travel, Fashion, Lifestyle and Entertainment As a writer and digital content professional spending the majority of my career working in travel, fashion and lifestyle I have produced an extensive amount of digital content in these fields. Please find links to blogs I have written professionally… 9 Awards We’d Honour the Vegas Tourist Scene! 16 […]

Sicilianita’ T’amero Ppi Sempre

Sicilianita’ T’amero Ppi Sempre

Sicilianita’ To explore Sicily and have no interest in the mafia is like loving the Island but hating the cuisine. They are both very much intrinsic and integral to this amazing and mystifying land that we see in the great visions of Martin Scorsese or read through the page turning words of Mario Puzzo.  Films, […]

My Dolce and Gabbana Milan Pilgrimage

Why the Dolce and Gabbana Milan  Pilgrimage? I recently travelled to Milan to visit my fiance, who was sent to the famous Corso Venezia number 15 Dolce and Gabbana Milan store to work on the launch of the first ever Dolce and Gabbana atelier in the world for bespoke menswear garments only. The Dolce and […]

Fashion Editorial and the Digital State of Mind…

This blog was supposed to be about Tumblr, but then I found myself staring at my magazine collection, which has remained untouched for months, and realised this is so much more than Tumblr – it’s my digital state of mind…   There are still many a people out there that simply choose to reject social […]

Cold Front by Laura Welsh – Inspiring

A year after its release, I have found, have become completely charmed and inspired by and will now treasure Laura Welsh’s song ‘Cold Front’ and its visually stunning video for these reasons… Last night, in bed, willing the hours, minutes, seconds of a Sunday night not to pass too quickly and for Monday to stay […]

Sicily, Dolce and Gabbana and Papini

Sicily, Dolce and Gabbana and Papini

The 2013 Winter Visit to Catania, Sicilia If there’s one thing I know fashion lovers absolutely adore, as well as everyone else, it’s the opportunity to travel. So I am going to deviate from my usual fashion writing to share with you some memorable moments from my recent trip to Sicily. Needless to say, my four days […]

The Victoria’s Secret Angels…

For many a reason the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show is a very special and unique kind of fashion show. The typical runway show is ultimately all about showcasing the design and craftmanship and style of a new collection, admittedly designers might put on a show with an elaborate set, think Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel with […]

Inspired by: Being Over Shopped or Under Paid!

  Sometimes you really do just have to see the silver lining…or gold in my case! So here’s my story… This month I have been fluttering within the realm of social media more so than usual. This of course is fun! It’s great to see what’s out there, I love to be inspired and it’s […]

Poppy Trevelyan – Singer Songwriter

An assortment of trinkets fills the bedroom of singer songwriter Poppy Trevelyan. The bric-a-brac is emblematic of a girl who is simply high on life, a life that would appear to draw on a great breadth of experiences and cultures (not necessarily the traits one might associate with a south London teenager). A clothes rail […]