COAD Loves i-D Magazine’s A to Z Guide of WINK

i-D Magazine’s A to Z Guide of WINK…

If you’ve seen i-D Magazine’s  A to Z Guide of WINK….

Cara Delevigne wearing Bape hoodie gif  for i-D Magazine's A to Z Guide to WINK

Being witness to the works of creative genius and talent is always an extraordinary moment. It’s like hearing our favourite X-Factor contender sing for the first time, then seeing the camera pan around to confirm that the nation feels exactly the same as we do, because not only is the entire audience on their feet and teary eyed, but as are Gary, Nicole, Louis and Sharon. It’s that moment when you know you’ve stumbled upon something brilliant.

Within a few very short seconds we get that familiar chill, followed by the goosebumps that raise the hairs on our arms. Then we grow warm with pleasure, we start to feel ourselves glow. A sensation of electricity confirms we’re still so alive and that inward smile beams outwards. We feel proud that the human race, our being, is capable of such a feat. We feel perplexed by the creator’s genius or talent and we momentarily wish we could be part of that genius, own that talent, have conceived that idea.

…If you’re a creative and you’ve seen i- D Magazine’s A to Z Guide of WINK you’ll know exactly what I mean – if you haven’t seen it, feast your eyes on director Jérémie Rozan and fashion director Charlotte Stockdale’s genius.

It’s like witnessing a a cocktail of creativity, featuring amazing fashion pieces from the world’s greatest fashion designers, twenty six words and phrases written in carefully selected type fonts, each word closely linked to its letter in the alphabet; C for Chic, how chic is that Celine coat and how clever is that link? Or Georgia May Jagger, representative of the letter E, so expertly expressing herself in that famous Elizabeth Hurley dress.

And amidst all that word play and the creativity, the models are thrown into the mix. Miranda Kerr donning not much more than a pair of Chanel nipple covers, Joan Smalls looking very old school glamour and of course Cara Delevigne, the grand finale, the piece de resistance. Unveiling herself from beneath the confines of a Bape hoodie, how much justice does Cara do for friend Pharrell’s Bathing Ape clothing line? Indeed, she is the piece de resistance and you will rewind and playback so you can watch her a few times and maybe even consider rocking that eye make up.

It was all of this creative genius, these two minutes and twenty two seconds, these twenty four models, Rick Owens and J W Anderson that inspired me to write this post today and that will inspire a change at COAD!

I’m excited to try something new…

Watch this space!

Be charmed, stay inspired! x

Model ABC Words Wears
Carolyn A Ask Me wears all clothing Jean Paul Gaultier spring/summer 10.
Miranda B Babewatch wears visor and bikini Chanel spring/summer 96. Earring Delfina Delettrez.
Sam C Chic Céline autumn/winter 13.
Xiao Wen D DIY in ID Font wears make-up Chanel.
Georgia E Express Yourself wears dress Versace spring/summer 94. Bracelet Chanel vintage. Ruler Coco de Mer.
Chiharu F Flash  wears cape Dior autumn/winter 13. Dress Fendi autumn/winter 13. Earring Delfina Delettrez.
Joan G Girl Power wears all clothing Balenciaga resort 14.
Malgosia H Heroes wears all clothing Ashish autumn/winter 13.
Lara I Icon wears all clothing Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci autumn/winter 13.
Anna J Just Do It  wears Nike.
Lily K Killer wears jumpsuit Rokit Vintage. Earring Prada.
Grace L Let’s Dance wears gloves Alexander Wang. Shorts T by Alexander Wang spring/summer 14.
Lindsey M MAD wears all clothing Christopher Kane spring/summer 14.
Natalia N Number 1 wears all clothing Alexander McQueen autumn/winter 13.
Liya O Original  wears dress Louis Vuitton spring/summer 13. Helmet Ruby.
Hollie-May and Ondria P pretty Young Things  wear dresses Christopher Kane Resort 14. Cuffs Dior autumn/winter 13.
Ashleigh Q Quick wears all clothing Fendi Resort 14.
Amanda R Rebel wears dress vintage. Necklace Prada autumn/winter 13.
Nadja S She’s Electric wears Maiko Takeda 13.
Jamie T Tear it Up wears all clothing Saint Laurent by Hedi Slimane autumn/winter 13.
Sasha U Up wears dress Valentino autumn/winter 13.
Rick V Visionairy wears all clothing Rick Owens.
Isabeli W Wet N Wild wears all clothing Neon.
Binx X  



wears all clothing Miu Miu autumn/winter 13.
J.W. Anderson Y  You’re Gorgeous Joséphine and Malaika wear all clothing J.W. Anderson spring/summer 14.
Cara Z Zip wears hoodie BAPE. Necklace Rodarte autumn/winter 13.


Be charmed, stay inspired! x

An Ode to the Givenchy Bambi Sweatshirt?

Charms of a Dandizette takes a look at what the Givenchy Bambi sweatshirt says about its wearer…


The sweatshirt gained its advancement from gym garb to key wardrobe piece in 2011, emerging as a simple grey sweatshirt. In 2012 the sweatshirt was still trending, however it became bolder and braver, establishing itself as a refined and investment worthy piece of vesture, hence the Kenzo Tiger sweatshirt. Everyone that was anyone was either coveting this tiger headed sweatshirt or were pounding the fashion week pavements adorned in said sweatshirt with the bold Kenzo letters emblazoned across their chests.  Now the world is coveting the Givenchy neoprene Bambi print sweatshirt. The ‘It’ sweatshirt of the moment, with a price tag of £750, worn by the likes of Beyonce, Milan street style queen Anna Dello Russo and Lilly Collins. You know you’re a member of the privileged fashion community if you already own or personally know anyone that owns the Givenchy Bambi sweatshirt, the t-shirt, the tote or the clutch.

As fashion’s only promise is change, it could not have been predicted that the sweatshirt would remain so a la mode three winters in a row and wrack up such an expense (for a sweatshirt?). However, to remain as coveted as it is, it was only expected that the sweatshirt had to be changed up a little, evolve and push the boundaries. Of course stranger things have happened, but I am pretty confident in saying that nobody ever expected to be on the waiting list for any fashion item that concerned Bambi, let alone a sweatshirt. Having said that, Ricardo Tisci’s idea to place the adorable Disney character on the front of t-shirts, sweatshirts and even handbags was clearly a phenomenon we didn’t know we were all waiting for. The likes of Matches, Selfridges and Net – a – Porter could barely hold on to the ‘It’ sweatshirt – in fact retailers across London have all sold out of the wistful and warm Givenchy item.

Funny that, isn’t it? That this wistful and warm sweatshirt, ultimately as sexy as a Disney film, has within seconds become the wardrobe piece of the season. Who’d of thought we’d want to wear Bambi printed garb? Admittedly we’re accustomed to seeing Disney icon Mickey Mouse printed on t-shirts and sweatshirts every now and then, usually of the vintage nature. Nevertheless, this is still a pretty bold move in itself. No matter how respected the Walt Disney company might be, most wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing garments with Walt Disney’s anthropomorphic mouse friend printed on them.

Mickey Mouse ultimately acts as an emblem for the Disney company, a company with such a strong sense of branding that it can overpower any outfit and communicate messages we might not be prepared to express via our clothes. Disney is magical, whimsical, a little childish,  appeals too easily to the masses  and therefore  isn’t necessarily considered high culture or high fashion. We want our clothes to say that we’re stylish, socially and fashionably aware, sexy, serious, individual or confident. So what are we communicating when we wear Walt Disney’s Bambi on our clothes?

Let’s be truly honest, we’re not wearing Bambi on any old piece of clothing here, are we? Wearing a Bambi sweatshirt from the Disney Store communicates something very different to wearing thee ‘Givenchy Bambi sweatshirt’. Of course the Bambi print on this garment evokes a sentiment, a sense of nostalgia, memories of our childhood and a cause to recall this sad Disney tale, but this is all an after thought. First and foremost this sweatshirt is Givenchy and its wearer will wear it for no other reason than that it is Givenchy, it’s fashion and most significantly because this item is totally and utterly frivolous – Anna Dello Russo wearing this garment is evidence to this. Only those that can afford to be totally frivolous with their money would pay £750 for a sweatshirt with a Disney character printed on it, the Givenchy Bambi sweatshirt, that will be just as recognisable ‘as so last season’ next season as quickly as it has been recognised as the ‘It’ sweater of this season.

As I have demonstrated, this sweatshirt fascinates me and peoples reactions to it has fascinated me just as much. I don’t get it – why Bambi? Would I wear this sweatshirt? Do I even really like this sweatshirt? The truth of the matter is I love the concept, probably moreso than I actually like the sweatshirt. I love how creative and unpredictable the design is and I like the fact that I find it so thought provoking – so I suppose fashion is art, then? And for all those reasons I do like this sweatshirt. Having said that, I gave up on conspicuous consumption after my Chloe Paddington bag was no longer deemed the ‘It’ bag and wearing the ‘It’ sweatshirt says exactly the same thing the ‘It’ bag does, ‘Look at me, I’m part of that club. I can afford to spend ridiculous amounts of money on fashion because I’m privileged.’ Do I want my clothes to say that about me? It’s just as crass as the nineties logo mania, but it’s also just as fashionable as Anna Dello Russo.

I sit somewhere between the two – I like fashion for its language, it’s power and it’s beauty and for these very reasons I enjoy dressing and like to look as though I enjoy dressing. If my wearing the ‘Givenchy Bambi Sweatshirt’ secures my fashion savoire faire then I’m all for it. And of course I want to be part of ‘that’ club. I’m just as aspirational as the next person and my dress also communicates that too.


The Givenchy Bambi sweatshirt

The Givenchy Bambi sweatshirt

The Givenchy Bambi sweatshirt

The Givenchy Bambi sweatshirt

The Givenchy Bambi sweatshirt

The Givenchy Bambi sweatshirt

Keep checking back at Charms of a Dandizette for more fashionable charms.

Be charmed, stay inspired!x

An Ode to Anna Dello Russo – The Queen of Street Style

An Ode to Anna Dello Russo – The Queen of Street Style

anna [urse

So, we are in the midst of Milan Fashion week! And whilst the fashionites, like Anna Dello Russo and BFF and fashion partner in crime Giovanna Battaglia flit around the Milan attending runway shows to seek out the emerging trends for spring/ summer 2014 – Anna Dello Russo wowing street style fashion photographers with her ever so ‘a la mode’ ensembles, the rest of us are still trying to style our way into winter 2013/14.

For the fashion concerned functional girl or guy about town, the change of the season leaves us hanging momentarily in style limbo. The pages of Vogue are covered in winter coats and boots and all things in deep and dark hues – too soon to be worn just yet, models strut the runway adorned in floatier, lighter, brighter materials for the summer season, whilst we are left pounding the pavements in a combination of last year’s winter wardrobe and this year’s summer trends – still trying to figure out where we stand in all of this – or at least how to be best dressed!

When building that new turn of the season wardrobe, the place to start are the streets of Fashion Month; these streets are the perfect fashion edit, manipulated, streamlined and styled for the individual, even for the weather of  said day, if not the season. And, if like me, your day job doesn’t allow for you to hang around the streets of whatever fashion venue it might be, waiting to spot the carefully selected ensembles of your favourite street style icons, then Tommy Ton and social media are your saviour!

Now, I am not championing Anna Dello Russo as my favourite street style icon, but I admire her dedication to fashion. She means to street style fashion what Jay Z and Beyonce mean to music – everyone (in the fashion sense of the word) knows what ADR’s wearing, and ultimately everyone (fashion again) should care, even if not particularly keen on her style.

She is the perfect point of reference, because she is the perfect indication of exactly what fashion is. She’s limitless, she’s unpredictable and she will wear ANYTHING – even from the Gucci menswear collection. My style might be sleek, sharp lines with a touch of sport luxe, Anna’s style is fashion. That’s it! Therefore you can trust that whatever Anna Dello Russo is wearing is sizzling hot right now. And if it’s that hot then it can’t be a bad place to begin navigating the trends for the coming season!

Anna Dello Russo - Milan Fashion Week Sept 2013


Anna Dello Russo

anna [urse

 street_style_milan_fashion_week_septiembre_2013_387751170_800x907b5648_7370298_north_883x - CopyAnna Dello Russo    090613_tommy_ton_s2014rtw_slide_137



Anna Dello Russo

Want to manifest fashion? Take a look at Anna Dello Russo’s ‘Now Manifest’ blog!

Be charmed, stay inspired! x


A Dandies Approach to Festival Fashion!

A Dandies Approach to Festival Fashion!

Getting festival ready…

Jay Z and Beyonce Knowles Leaving The Hotel Meurice (USA & OZ RIGHTS ONLY)
Jay Z and Beyonce Knowles Leaving The Hotel Meurice – looking pretty festival chic

We are now officially in the thick of the Festival Season! Oh the festival, the emblem of summer, synonymous with denim shorts, spent in vain without Hunter wellies and not a summer at all if you’re not attending at least one! Well, truth be told in my twenty nine years of living I must have lived only a handful of summers, because I am far from what the likes of Glastonbury and V-Fest goers would call a ‘Festival Goer’. In fact, I’m not. I just happen to wander along to the odd festival the occasional summer, and I am delighted to say that this is one of those summers. Indeed, on Friday I will be attending Wireless Festival at the Olympic Village park and as you would imagine, the ensemble preparation has begun.

My stylish thoughts have led me to the conclusion that festival fashion can be easily imitated; firstly it’s functional, so common sense and practicality, before aesthetic, dictates many of the garments Festival Goers select as a collective. Secondly, festival fashion is pretty much preordained; cut off denim shorts (Levis), sunglasses (Rayban), wellies (Hunters), parka (Babour) and an across the body bag (of your choosing) and of all the aforementioned designers for hardened fashionista festival attendees. These are  what I have called the non-variable garments of a festival ensemble –  although the designer can be varied in accordance to your bank balance, the actual items themselves can’t really be argued with. 

If like me the rock chic/boho/festival/fashion student/Topshop look (all styles make up festival chic) isn’t ‘honestly’ your style remit, then putting together a festival ensemble you feel comfortable and chic in poses a slight fashion challenge. Readers of Charms of a Dandizette will know that I love a fashion challenge –  such challenges allow you to dip into different styles and fashion sub-cultures outside of your comfort zone – giving  you a broader scope to draw upon when creating ensembles, which can only add to your styling capabilities.  

As tempting as it is to go against the grain, which is an approach I would usually take, for my festival ensemble I have looked at what has been working for the masses and imitated the essentials, the non – variables. As much as  what Solange wore to Coachella this year is closer to my own personal style than the likes of denim shorts and wellies, I am not confident enough in this realm to be able to break the rules just yet – so, you could say in this context I am playing it safe. Did I just say that? Admittedly, following the crowds isn’t an overly dandyish or dandizette like approach to dressing, but you see, the festival would not have been a dandies typical playing field anyhow – so I believe there’s no need to feel bad about not being overly creative at this point. Besides, this is just the beginning.

In line with this way of thinking, I was able to select the key garments in my festival ensemble quicker than you can say ‘denim shorts’ and indeed, those cut off denim shorts I have an on again off again relationship with are on again, not Levis but Topshop. My footwear, not Hunters, but black zip up stack heel ankle booties, also from Topshop and my across the body bag, the only one I own, from Marc Jacobs, have all been selected. The variables, on the other hand, the  sunglasses, jacket (or something to keep warm), jewellery and head wear – are the more fun and more expressive elements to the ensemble. These are the game changers and I am going to be using these items to be more expressive, more individual and more on trend – hopefully showing off some fashion savviness at the same time!

My Tom Ford sunglasses, my summer investment piece, will be replaced with a non-designer pair that are loud enough and conspicuous enough to earn their right in the sea of Raybans. And can do so without denting the bank, because let’s face it, although the opulent and frivolous sunglasses, think Dolce and Gabbana, are trending right now, we’re sure to hate this trend by next summer. I’m adopting this attitude for all the variables, replace my everyday cuffs and chunky Marc by Marc Jacobs turn lock bracelet for wrists embellished in a pile up of gold bracelets and plenty of  bangles. And, instead of opting for the conventional parka I’m opting for an elaborately printed  silk bomber jacket.

I am now in the midst of selecting the perfect top, but that’s nothing that a visit to Topshop won’t solve! I am feeling festival ready and pretty fashion confident! Should my ensemble be a success, there could be some personal photos to look out for!

Take a look at my inspirations…

Solange Knowles at Coachella – not so practical, but loving the ensemble
2012 Rihanna
Rihanna rocking the crazy glasses – up the ante on those festival accessories
Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival 2010 - Day 1 Beyonce
Beyonce at Coachella 2010 – copy this entire outfit and you won’t go far wrong

Jay Z and Beyonce Knowles Leaving The Hotel Meurice (USA & OZ RIGHTS ONLY)

chanel iman-celebrities-present-at-coachella-2013
Chanel Iman at Coachella 1013
Miranda Kerr and Alessandra Ambrosio at Coachella 2013 – hat lovin’
Rihanna looking festival chic
Rihanna – if you can pull it off go for it!
Jay Z and Beyonce perform at Coachella
Kate Moss at Glastonbury – queen of festival fashion
Miranda Kerr, Alessandra Ambrosio and Candace Swanepoel at Coachella
Miranda Kerr rocking out with her Victoria Secrets Angels Alessandra Ambrosio and Candace Swanepoel at Coachella
Miranda Kerr at Coachella
Miranda Kerr at Coachella
Rihanna Performs at the V Festival
Rihanna Performs at the V Festival

Be charmed, stay inspired! x

Fashionable Fourth of July Wishes!

Fashionable Fourth of July Wishes!


Here’s a fashionable little token to my American Charms of a Dandizette readers…

Enjoy Fourth of July wishes from Diane Von Furstenburg, Kenzo, Jimmy Choo and the adorable fashion illustration of Lady Liberty from Lanvin!


Diane Von Furstenburg - Happy 4th July
Happy 4th July from Diane Von Furstenburg
Kenzo 4th July
Kenzo 4th July
Jimmy Choo 4th July
Jimmy Choo 4th July
Lanvin 4th July
Lanvin 4th July

Be charmed, Stay Inspired! x

Alexa Chung – Stylish Reads

Alexa Chung – Stylish Reads

The cover of 'IT'

Indeed Alexa Chung, the girl that has been championing flat shoes way before Charlotte Olympia made the smoking slipper a statement shoe, has penned her own book, titled simply ‘IT’ and released on the 5th September 2013. The book will contain writing, no doubt of the stylish nature, accompanied by photos that Alexa has been taking since October 2012, when she first announced that she would be writing a book, and her very own illustrations – yes she draws too. Alexa has said that the book is by no means autobiographical, but, as the description reads on Amazon

A truly one-off collection of Alexa’s personal writings, drawings and photographs, It covers everything from her thoughts on life, love and music to her favourite looks and how to decide what to wear in the morning. With wit, charm and a refreshingly down-to-earth attitude, this gorgeously-designed full-colour book is a must-have for anyone who loves fashion, music and just about everything Alexa Chung.’

Although Alexa may not be a style icon on my radar, I am most definitely intrigued to read ‘IT’, after all, isn’t she the girl whose CV any girl would want to emulate? Model, TV Presenter, FANTASTIC WARDROBE, a relationship with Karl Lagerfeld, guest editor at Vogue and now illustrator and author!

Better get to writing that book then, eh?

In the meantime, here’s some stylish reads on my Fashion reading list…

Elves Shoemaker

 Christian Lacroix and the Tale of Sleeping Beauty - fashion fairytale memoir
The Fashion Fairtytale Memoirs – Christian Lacroix and the Tale of Sleeping Beauty


The Fashion Fairtytale Memoirs - -The Empress's New-Clothes
The Fashion Fairtytale Memoirs – -The Empress’s New-Clothes

Grace by Grace Coddington - A MemoireGrace by Grace Coddington – A Memoir

The Fashion Fairtytale Memoirs
The Fashion Fairtytale Memoirs – Christian Lacroix and the Tale of Sleeping Beauty, Manolo Blahnik’s the Elves and the Shoemaker, Diane Von Furstenberg and the Tale of the Empress’s New Clothes


Schiaparelli and Prada: Impossible Conversations: On Fashion
Schiaparelli and Prada: Impossible Conversations: On Fashion. Miuccia Prada and Elsa Schiaparelli talk fashion

Happy reading,

Be charmed, stay inspired!x


Is Your iPhone Looking Fabulous?

Giovanna Battaglia for Case Scenario


We would once be considered on trend and stylish just by the mere fact of owning the latest lifestyle gadget, be it the latest MP3 player, tablet, mobile phone, e-reader  and so on and so forth. These little technological devices were once a worthy testament to our fashion savoir faire – particularly any device designed by Apple and predominantly the iPhone – because everyone needs a phone and any fashionista knows it needs to be an iPhone. Such a staple have these little pieces of technology become and so dear to us they are, that we are no longer merely protecting our iPhones in functional cases, we’re embellishing and adorning them like we embellish and adorn ourselves. I think of my Biba iPhone case as an investment, with massive cost per wear value, like a statement coat, a belt or pair of sunglasses. And like anything that has massive cost per wear, the iPhone embellishment offers big fashion kudos.

Admittedly, embellishing our iPhones is pretty frivolous, even for fashionistas – we wouldn’t pimp our phones before we have the shoes that we want, the sunglasses we’ve been coveting or the handbag we’ve fallen in love with – phone pimping is for the girl that has everything – at least that’s how she might appear and let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to look  like they have it all? It’s why we buy handbags that cost more than our rent. Fashioning our iPhones is just so frivolous it’s fabulous and designers, fashion houses, fashionites and fashionistas aren’t missing out on the opportunity to make yet another part of our functional lives fabulous; the likes of Marc Jacobs and Moschino have created some super frivolous and massively recognisable cases, Marc Jacobs’ with the bunny ears, Moschino with the teddy bear. Celine continues to take the minimalist approach, and fashionite Giovanna Battaglia has designed her own line of baroque style  iPhone clip on cases, which she can often be seen sporting when attending fashion events. If you haven’t yet made your iPhone fabulous with its functionality, why not get started? And then after that, your iPad, your Kindle and so on…

Viviana Volpicella with a Bunny iPhone Case

iPhone case - Giovanna Battaglia


giovanna battaglia

chloe phone case

iphone giovanna battaglia

iphone celine


phone case


green hair

Anna dello russo chanel iphone


Be charmed, stay inspired!x

Stella McCartney Spring Summer 2014 Presentation

How ironic, the fashion houses are unveiling their Spring Summer 2014 collections to the world, whilst here in London we’re still waiting for Summer 2013 and consequently our Spring Summer 2013 wardrobes! Clearly I’m not bitter. Stella McCartney invited the gliteratti to view her SS 2014 collection at West 10th Street New York City in the setting of a garden party. On the guest list was Cameron Diaz glowing in white, massive fashion salute to her for wearing white in the rain, Madonna who seemed to have taken inspiration from Karl Lagerfeld, Kate Bosworth, Julian Moore, Liv Tyler and many more.STELLA

Stella McCartney, Cameron Diaz, Julian Moore, Liv Tyler at Stella McCartney's spring summer 2014 presentation

Madonna, Steve Tyler, Stella McCartney

STELLA McCartney accessories

The models wearing Stella McCartney SS2014

The models wearing Stella McCartney Spring Summer 2014

Stella McCartney, Kate Bosworth and Helena Christensen at Stella McCartney Spring Summer 2014 presentation

The poison

The models wearing Stella McCartney spring summer 2014

Model wearing Stella McCartney Spring Summer 2014

Model wearing Stella McCartney Spring Summer 2014

Model wearing Stella McCartney Spring Summer 2014

Model wearing Stella McCartney Spring Summer 2014

Model wearing Stella McCartney Spring Summer 2014

The illustrator

Model wearing Stella McCartney Spring Summer 2014

Stella McCartney with Julian Moore Spring Summer 2014 presentation

The models wearing Stella McCartney Spring Summer 2014

model wearing Stella McCartney Spring Summer 2014

Anna Wintour and Stell McCartney

Be charmed, stay inspired! x

Cara Delevigne Hits the Stage with Rita Ora!

Cara and Rita at the DKNY Art Works event
Last night Cara Delevigne took to the stage with gal pal Rita Ora, singing her very own rendition of Ora’s ‘Party and Bull Shit’. Ora was performing for the DKNY Artworks event in South London that Cara was hosting. Both were rocking the sport luxe trend, Ora wearing a DKNY crop top, gold skinny jeans and black snap back, and Cara prancing around in a DKNY zip front jumpsuit and wedged trainers. Cara seemed to quite fancy herself the singer, after not only prying the microphone from Ora, but refusing to give it back! But just look how much fun these girls are having…

Cara and Rita at the DKNY Art Works event

Cara and Rita at the DKNY Art Works event
Cara and Rita at the DKNY Art Works event

Be charmed, stay inspired!x

The Kris Jenner Show

Kris Jenner in the Hollywood Reporter

It seems that it wasn’t enough for Kris Jenner to be the subject of chat show billionaire Oprah’s Next Chapter, now she’s after her job. Kris Jenner is going to be hosting her very own chat show! I am not sure what the general consensus is on Kris, but I am guessing she might not be considered the best of wives -mainly due to the way she treats Bruce and of course her affair(s?). She might not be considered the best of mothers either, mainly due to the fact that has so openly claimed that Kim Kardashian is her favourite daughter and has kind of possibly exploited her children and she might be considered vain and occasionally dress too young for her age, but one thing that cannot be denied is, she does have personality!  I am going to sit on the fence on this one and try not to make any hasty judgements, but I think we might all be pleasantly surprised! 


Don’t you just love those pink Valentino shoes?

Read Kris’s article in the Hollywood Reporter

Be charmed, stay inspired! x