Marella Ferrera – Sicilian Treasure

Marella Ferrera is possibly one of Sicily’s most influential and inspirational fashion designers still living and working in Sicily. Sicily always at the heart of her artistic endeavours, Marella Ferrera has provided the island not only with its very own claim to high fashion, but possibly one of the most imaginative and intelligent fashion designers […]


Sicily Awaits the Spice Girls   No worries people, i am still very much here and still very much blogging! It’s taken me a while to get the complete Sicilian experience into words, but all 5,ooo words of it is done, dusted and chronicled. I am likely to publish it in sections everyday or so […]

The Fashion Paradox: Fashion, A Love Hate Thing

The Fashion Paradox: Fashion, A Love Hate Thing

My relationship with fashion is without a doubt becoming a love, hate thing.Follow my wavering love, hate relationship with fashion in a collection of articles demonstrating what I have titled ‘The Fashion Paradox’.

Naomi Parker’s Send Off – The Hen Weekend

Ciao Ciao London It started off with The Sicilian saying goodbye and pre warning me of my behaviour as I hauled my powder pink suitcase and Sicilian biscuit package onto the bus to Victoria. Accompanying me was one of my roommates for the weekend, Gi Gi Live – who was making a huge statement with […]

A Fabulous Report

You could be my next feature… So it’s been a while since you’ve heard from me, yes I’m still knocking about and typing it out. I have been focussed on the more creative side of my writing, writing a play for the Alfred Fagon Award, the deceased Jamaican playwright – I have managed to produce […]

Fabulations and the Joie de Vivre

    Today is the first day of the rest of what is going to be my fabulous summer… Today is the first day of the rest of what is going to be my fabulous summer. The weather is beautiful and although some days grey has pretty much decided to stay warm. Barbecues and drinks […]

Shop for Now, Wear Forever

Spring/Summer 2009 – Vogue, Fashion TV, The most exciting Vogue issues without a doubt has to be the last of the season (as it gives a slight insight into what to expect for the next season) and of course the ultimate – the turn of the new season! Here we are, 2009 with Spring/Summer […]