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If blogging is an art form and this is art, then in this case, art imitates life... 

It’s been far too long since my last blog Dandies and I have been longing to get back here so I can do what I love to do the most – write. I am glad to say that what has kept me away has all been good stuff! The past few months have been crazy, productive and somewhat life changing. In fact, it’s nice to have been so occupied with my life for productive  reasons, so that I can now sit here and write this blog feeling one hundred times more content than I did the last time I wrote for Charms of a Dandizette.

Of course, I am always in a pretty serene and constructive place when I am writing my own blog.  However, the last time I blogged I wasn’t completely immersed in these two very significant projects; the planning of my wedding and the design of my new home. Indeed, I am feeling very adult at this juncture in my life, but mostly I am feeling really proud and very happy.

Finding someone that makes you genuinely happy, whom you want to spend the rest of your life with and whom returns the feeling is indeed one of life’s many challenges, but creating and designing a wedding and building a home that represents your journey and your life together is a creative challenge that I am relishing at the moment! I have assigned myself the role of creative director and have found myself exploring design forms other than fashion. Admittedly, not all will approach a wedding like I a creative project, and at times I do feel even a little guilty for referring to my wedding as a ‘project’. But I can’t imagine that any fashion concerned being would look upon the style of their wedding or the presentation of their home, be it grandiose and glamorous or small and simple, any differently to the way we style ourselves, create our blogs or throw our parties. Every opportunity is an opportunity to be expressive and my wedding and my home are offering me endless creative opportunities.

My partner and I have worked so hard to get to this point and I want to love and cherish every moment and every single last detail. So, I am putting that love into these two amazing life projects I am so excited about. At any one day I could be admiring white orchids – which adorned  scenes from Baz Luhrman‘s Great Gatsby so heavily, or selecting chiavari chairs (Italian of course) in white or gold. The next day I am studying layering techniques in interior design and figuring out how I might create a nook in my bay window which leads out to my balcony.

I am finding the designing and styling of my wedding far more natural to me than that of my home. My love for fashion, my love for an exquisite party and my obsession with the 1920s has made this project a glamorous one. Indeed, glamour is also another of my passions. Can you be passionate about glamour? I think so!

However, my approach to the style and interior of my home is very different. As a writer, space is important to me. This will be the space that I write in, that I need to calm me from the crazy, to lure me in even when there’s so much going on outside. I don’t want my home to be glamorous, or even to sleek. Unlike my fashion, my wedding or the hotels and bars that I love to hang out in, I want my home to be soothing, the sort of home that gives you the biggest hug once you’re inside. I am thinking light, airy, welcoming and inspiring.

See what’s charming and inspiring me…
Some of the charms from my Pinterest Boards inspiring my home and my wedding

Be charmed, Stay Inspired! x

Happy Blogging – Inspired by Nicola Formichetti

Inspired by Nicola Formichetti – Elle Collections Magazine Winter 2011

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For the millions of fashion bloggers out there, many of us remain in a sea of anonymity – waiting for a success that might resemble the likes of Scott Schuman, Tommy Ton, Susie Bubble, Byran Boy and the steadily rising number of bloggers that are surfacing into the mainstream. Those that have avoided the digital haze will understand little about those of us who have become digitally dazed as a profession. We’ve had to develop our digital skills and our digital marketing techniques at the same pace as the ever advancing digital technologies that update, reinvent and innovate just to be able to showcase whatever our initial talent might be, that ultimately led us to blog in the first place.

Members of the digitally dazed may frequently come face to face with a lack of understanding, which often leads to the profession being underestimated or scoffed at. In all honesty, before embarking on my Fashion Journalism MA, I had worked significantly in the digital sector and was determined, when I completed my studies, never to work online again. I had this idea in my head that my writing was too good for the likes of WordPress and Blogspot. And even went as far as to publish an article in my magazine Platform, that shunned bloggers. Needless to say, the article said far more about how I felt about my own career at the time than it did about bloggers.

Nicola Formichetti cover shoot

Many a fashion journo have an issue with the bloggers they rub shoulders with at Fashion Week and probably those, like me, who belong to the sea of anonymous bloggers occasionally grow envious of the bloggers that have gained publishing deals, written articles for the likes of Elle or taken photographs for of However, I have just read an interview with Nicola Formichetti in the Elle Collections magazine that has rekindled my pride for being a member of the blogosphere and the social media network that surrounds it. Nicola Formichetti is an active member of Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and blogs at Nicola Formichetti’s Blog, where he documents his work with his iconic muse Lady Gaga and his Creative Direction at Thierry Mugler.

Elle Collections Magazine, Ben Reardon interviews Nicola Formichetti p84

‘I started to get a huge audience following my work through the digital world of Twitter and Tumblr and you really start to connect with your followers. It’s great because they are always really honest and comment on shoots or videos: ‘Oh, we liked this and we don’t like that.’ It’s not about bitchy students on blogs being nasty – it’s like friends talking to you about work.’ Nicola Formichetti

”That’s the great thing about fashion – it’s constantly changing. I love the fact that there are all these bloggers at fashion shows and people are really bitchy to them; it’s great. I think old people should just be  old and go away. It’s not about being in the industry for ten years anymore – it’s about good ideas.’ Nicola Formichetti

‘I love Tumblr because it’s a digital version of me. You go on Tumblr and whenever you see something cool, you reblog it so it stays in consciousness. It’s like one thing leads to another.’ Nicola Formichetti

When an individual as creative and as relevant as Nicola Formichetti endorses the future and the world of online expression as enthusiastically as it appears he has, the blogosphere no longer seems like a stepping stone, but a home and most importantly – the future.

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Read Nicola Formichetti’s Interview written by Ben Reardon in Elle Collections Magazine a/w 2011  p84

Happy Blogging. x